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General Contact
Frank Poe
Executive Director
Kevin Duvall
Chief Operating Officer
Carl Adkins
Chief Commercial Officer
Jennifer LeMaster
Chief Administration Officer
Carla Sayeh
Director of Internal Audits
Lindsay P.
Director of
Government Relations
Pargen Robertson
Legal Counsel
Dale Aiken
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Administrative Support
T : 404-223-9200
F: 404-223-8011
Anna Shoemake
Assistant to the Director of Event Operations
Avonti Thomas
Administrative Assistant
Executive Services
T : 404-223-8400
Lauren Fisher
Executive Services Manager
Shanicka McClendon
Sr. Executive Services Coordinator
Sean Reardon
Executive Services Coordinator
T : 404-223-4109
Miles Hamilton
Andrew Hinz
Assistant Parking Manager
Jessica Harvey
Office Assistant
Food Services
T : 404-223-8500
Jeff Kern
Director of Operations
Charles Adams
Asst. Director of Operations - Suites
Tamara Rosekrans
Sales Manager
Chef Charles Walker
Executive Chef
Matthew Rosekrans
Executive Sous Chef
Julia Reid
Administration Manager
Building Services
T : 404-223-8300
Aundre Goode
Building Services Manager
James McDaniel
Building Services Supervisor
Kenneth Fortsen
Building Services Supervisor
T : 404-223-4100
Lynn Ross
Director of Accounting
Rose Schultze
Accounting Manager
Kimothy Venable
Staff Accountant Junior
T : 404-223-8100
Michael Moore
Engineering Services Manager
Dome Productions
T : 404-223-8805
Beverly Wilson
Operations Manager
Carolyn Davis
Production Coordinator
Guest Services
T : 404-223-8211
CSC: 404-223-8157
Kara Bennett
Guest Services Supervisor
T : 404-223-4900
F : 404-223-4949
John Bauer
Director of Public Safety
Clifton Yeager
Asst. Director of Public Safety
Erik Waldman
Sr. Director of Logistics and Georgia Dome Events
Troy Galloway
Logistics Manager
Orlando Alexander
Police Lieutenant
Micshon Anderson
Security Manager
Billy Gordon
Police Major
Cheryl Johnson
Police Lieutenant
Ken Skinner
Special Operations Captain
T : 404-223-4200
Carl Adkins
Chief Commercial Officer
Mark Adams
Director of Sales
Julia Karrenbauer
Dir. of Business Development
Joe Skopitz
Director of Products and Services
Mark Zimmerman
General Manager
Mark Geiger
Assoc. Dir. Marketing & Business Develop
Gerry Eng
National Sales Manager
Dave Esslinger
National Sales Manager
Marcy Anderson
Sales Manager
Tiffany Bowers
Sales Manager
Nick Hancock
Sales Manager
Kathy Pomey
Sales Manager
Rebecca Mobley
Marketing Manager
Phil Lana
Operations and Production Manager
Adeola Sokunbi
Sr. Sales and Service Executive
Michael Lowe
Statistical Data Analyst
Sandra Cocanougher
Marketing Specialist
Loticia Walker
Administrative Assistant
Tabatha Martin
Sr. Executive Asst.
Tyler Charrasse
Sales Manager
Kiaesha Jones
Engineering Service Representative
Corey Spruill
Engineering Service Representative
Jerome Clark
Engineering Service Representative
Kiyona Grant
Engineering Service Representative
Event Services
T : 404-223-8600
Ken Jefferson
Marshall Shepard
Event Services Coordinator
Tamlyn Horne
Senior Sales and Event Services Executive
Ticket Office
T : 404-223-8428
Marie Stoker
Ticket Office Manager
Moniek Cofield
Executive Assistant
LaWanda Cody
Ticket Office Coordinator
Justin Schrampfer
Ticket Office Coordinator
T : 404-222-5500
F : 404-222-5514
Jim Jenkins
Administration Director
Jason Harris
Event Technical Manager
T : 404-223-4000
Kent Kimes
Sr. Staff Writer
Jason Kirksey
Sr. Communications Specialist
Alicia McNease
Sr. Communications Specialist
Morgan Smith-Williams
Communications Specialist
Justin McLeod
Communications Assistant

Georgia Dome
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